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    Wenzhou HeLi Spring Co., Ltd.

    Service hotline: +86-577-62883889


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    Wenzhou Heli Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Yueqing Spring Factory) was founded in 1992. It is a member enterprise of China Spring Professional Association. It specializes in manufacturing 0.08~12MM springs and line forming. It can also provide customized services according to the specific needs of customers to meet the wider needs of different customers.

    The company has a variety of middle and senior management talents and professional and technical personnel, a sound management system, strong technical force, advanced production facilities, testing equipment, and the first in the industry through the IATF16949 automotive quality system certification. In the complex business activities, we always put quality first, pay close attention to basic management, and increase investment in Taiwan's multi-function computer spring machine, computer spring machine, computer spring machine, spring machine, mesh belt tempering furnace, etc. 120 More advanced equipment. Strong production scale and technical strength, the production of various automobile and motorcycle springs, mobile phone slide springs, precision small springs, various types of compression springs, oil seal springs, craft springs, circlips, etc. have been well received by users.

    In order to actively expand domestic and international markets, accelerate industrial upgrading and product structure adjustment, the company founded Kunshan Heli Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province in 2005, and quickly stood out in the fierce market competition, and won wide acclaim from the industry and customers. Selecting talented personnel, setting up an efficient team, implementing 6S management, further standardization and institutionalized operation, and being evaluated as a green supplier by the comprehensive quality audit of Delixi Group on October 23, 2008! Facing the current global financial crisis During the "cold" season, Heli Spring still has no orders, and the machine roars, showing a warm spring scene everywhere.

    Looking forward to the future, Wenzhou Heli Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be based on domestic users, expand the international market, and wholeheartedly provide quality springs with stable and reliable quality to our customers, and contribute to the revitalization of national industry.